lunes, 23 de febrero de 2009

Damsel in Distress

The man was strange enough, she thought as she glanced at him trough her sun glasses; the type that surrenders to the most basic instincts only when their prey is completely helpless and there's no real danger of being exposed. It didn't matter what type, they always fell for it, the "Damsel in Distress" figure was as effective as it always had been; but in her case it had a purpose.

They all crumbled under the weight of opportunity. Principles, religion, morals; everything was forgotten as soon as they had a little taste. As she saw it, the only way of judging a man's character was to provide that thing that so rarely came along: The opportunity to yield to their deepest, darkest urges, the promise of impunity.

He had had impunity.

And she would make sure that it never happened again.

miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2009

All the way down

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X- When was the last time you saw the ocean?

David- Years ago.

X- Do you miss it?

No, not really, sometimes I close my eyes and I can almost taste the salty air, it always brings me up.

X- When was the last time you saw the sun?

David- Minutes ago.

X- Do you miss it?

David- No, not really, I know it´ll be there when I go back outside, some things you can depend on.

X- When was the last time you saw the rain?

David- Days ago.

X- Do you miss it?

David- A little bit, I always write when it´s raining, I guess I like to imagine that every drop is a word and I just have to spot them before they hit the ground.

X- And when was the last time you saw me, David? Do you remember?

David- Yes. My father had just died. I supose I needed someone to talk to, a friend.

X- Have you missed me?

David- You wouldn´t believe how much.

X- And why do you think I´m here now?

David- Maybe because of what I did.

X- And what exactly have you done?

David- What everyone feared I would do, what everyone knew I would do, at some point.

X- And how do you feel? Tell me how does it feel David?

David- It feels...

X- Tell me David, I want to hear it

David- My sister thought I was fine, everybody though I was fine...

- David, I want to hear you say it

David- Just because I kept on smiling, for a while there, everybody thought I was fine...


David- It feels...

X- Yes?

David- It feels...

X- Say it

David- Warm.

martes, 17 de febrero de 2009


Me asusta pensar que la gente ha llegado a pensar que el hecho de que caiga agua del cielo es algo completamente normal y mundano.

¡Por Diós!

Si pudieron acostumbrarse al "agua del cielo" ¿Quién sabe de lo que pueden ser capaces?


Guy1: So, you "loved" her or what?

Pete: Yes, her, somebody...anybody

Guy1: Auch!

Guy2: Yeap, I know where´you coming from

Guy1: Yeah, we´ll get you out of it ;)

martes, 10 de febrero de 2009

Entre sueños / Between Dreams

"The men were aproaching, one door opened and your friend was beside you"


"The lazer buzzed through the fellowship". "Silence. Not a move. They are coming."

"The hounds hastened their pace"

Mamá- ¡TOMI!


T- Ahí voy....

"They had scaped....barely."

"He knows he must use his belt to open the door"

"The idea haunts him"

"The men are restles"

"Peace will come"


T- Si!!!


se lee en el papel:

"Entre Sueños"
"Between Dreams"