miércoles, 22 de abril de 2009

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Joseph left. And he left you a letter.

There are some things there I think could make you cry, but that good kind of crying, you know? The kind that cleanses you from the inside out, the kind you should do more often, maybe.

All in all you had a good time together; remember when Paulie moved out? He found you in the kitchen floor, on your pajamas sobbing out of control (yeah he told me about that) and he took you to bed and held you until it was dark out. You should concentrate on those good times and find a way to move on, I know you have it in you kiddo.

This was bound to happen, you must have seen it coming, Joseph isn´t much of a settle-down kind of guy and you knew that from the very beginning.

Anyway, you don´t have to read it if you don´t want to, I´m just saying it might do you some good. I left it under the letter opener in the study.

Ps: We´re out of milk, could you get some?

Luv ya


2 comentarios:

Hogenheim dijo...

Que cosa rara que salió.

Tema: John Legend - Someday

Luly dijo...

Es como tierno y triste... me quedo una sensacion rara despues de leerlo, puede ser una especie de angustia (?)

Me gusto mucho