martes, 17 de noviembre de 2009

B.A. Times

The World Renowned brand name “You Tube” was once to be called “Your Tube”.

The idea, the main concept behind this previous brand name was to extend a pledge, a vow of service from the media to every user around the globe. This service was to be accessible by all users (providing the opportunity for each one of them to have their own personal window to the world) and, most importantly, free of charge. So, you might ask yourselves, Why the sudden change of heart? Simple. The creators (one of whom graduated from UCLA with a Marketing Degree) while discussing the brand name, came to realize, much to their dismay, its conversational implications. These being the following: The users around the globe, while commenting about the media would be forced to use such phrases as: “Did you find that in “Your Tube”? “Why, yes I did” or “Why don’t you upload that to “Your Tube?” “…I’m quite comfortable with my “Tube” as it is, thank you very much”. As this sort of innovation depends on the users commenting about it, the brand name proved to be inadequate but the creators soldiered on and were able to come up with a less conflictive name for their web page which proved to be an enormous success. That goes to show that although a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover one should put some effort into coming up with a decent title.

Written by Hogenheim

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Anya dijo...

jajajajaja! sos un groso, me reí mucho!

te mando un abrazo y nos veremos pronto


Ushka dijo...

It was worth the wait. Cuando dejás volar tu imaginación estos post salen como por un tubo.

Ah y quiero aclarar: No soy una maniática, algo anduvo mal en el comment anterior y se posteó muchas veces