martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

To Feel Fire


And then, after such a long time, he felt the air rushing into his lungs.

His soul, resplandecent.

His smile restored.

His body felt inadecuate to host such a revolution of emotion.

And he pondered about the future,

and felt hopefull,

for the first time.

3 comentarios:

Hogenheim dijo...

Note to self: Don´t get stoned and post shitty ROBBIE WILLIAMS songs anymore.


Pd: Loved the song Man = )

Ushka dijo...

Honey, there's whole lot more poetry in you than in the 20 songwriters behind Robbie.

But you're right. Don't ever do this again

Anya dijo...

The good thing is, coming from someone who usually avoids Robbie-like romanticism, it's cute =P

(I agree, though. Never again, plz, lest an idol fall down!)