lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Abc of Love

U and I could never B
I  H and U C, 
But with U It´s W and nothing Me

I O U the happiest days of my life
Even if I was always standing in Q to C U
and U were always as cold as I´s

You R U and I am me
I say "love" and U say "flee"

I gave U this note
U still called me a friend
I guess I can try
But I know how it Nds

4 comentarios:

Hogenheim dijo...

This sucks :/ Apologies to anybody who reads it, I just had the idea in the subway this morning and I felt like experimenting a little :B

Ushka dijo...

Sí, bueno, yo también he tenido mis "brillantes" ideas para posts con als que quise experimentar.
Apology accepted.

Anónimo dijo...

Very nice high fiveeeee

Anya dijo...

I liked it, it has an I-dunno-wha that is kind of charming :)

my apologies for the long absence, I promise to be back soon (or may be not, pero lo que cuenta es la intencion -!?)