viernes, 9 de julio de 2010

Homoerotic? No, thanks

Dedicado a la Srta. Sabr0 Villoria

- She said what??
- Just like you heard it, "You´d make a great gay guy"
- What the fuck is that´s supposed to mean??
- No idea...Nothing good
- But, I mean, was it like some sort of weird compliment?
- You know, I actually thought about that but, somehow,  "You´d be good at fucking guys" doesn't really  sound like much of a compliment.
- So what did you say?
- What could I say?
- What about, "What the fuck?!"
- Ok, hahaha that´s not too bad
- Beats the hell outta just sitting there
- Yeah, you´re right. So, what are you doing tonight?
- Well, I was going to invite you to a party at Mickey´s but if you´re doing something with you boyfriend then...
- Fuck You
- HAHAhaha, Come on man, I was just playing!
- I´m going home!
- Don´t be mad! I still love you! a friend XD

8 comentarios:

Facundo dijo...

Jajajaja me copó. Paso que hacía mucho que no pasaba. Abrazo Tomi.

momo dijo...

chee.. te pasó de verdad? qué onda??

Loco dijo...

Hilarious! You should wirte a play about it! (-; You're great at dialogue

Hogenheim dijo...

Momo: True story, during a study session.

Loco: Thank you! Means a lot coming from you.

Fer. De Rusia con amor dijo...

Jajajaja your friend's right, what the fuck?
Jaja anyway, it's an amusing anecdote!
First time in here, permiso! i will chusmear un rato if you don't mind.

Hogenheim dijo...


Every visitor is a guest and every guest, a friend.

O en Español: "Gracias macho por venir, aca somo todo amigo"

Ushka dijo...

Got a couple friends I could introduce you to... but only if it's true you'd make a great gay guy. They're quite demanding

Ushka dijo...
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