domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Dark connotations

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I´m in bed, it´s 3 am.

I´m staring at the ceiling and then I realize, What am I doing here?
What is this? Why am I lying down?
Inert, motionless.

I stand up and leave my house. The streets are deserted.
Everything moves around me.
I get on a bus. Lights flash through the window. Time passes. I get off.

I´m somewhere, someplace. I look around. Everything seems bright but its night time and there are no lights nearby. I just see the buildings, somehow.

I walk around aimlessly. I see trees and leaves, no people.

Dark thoughts invade my mind. I try to control them. I do my best.
I see the wind. I don´t feel it grazing my skin, I don´t feel my hair moving.
I feel nothing. The wind is made up by lines that appear and disappear in space.

I´m suspended, encased by the limits of my own body.
I feel nothing. My throat closes up.
I´m struggling to breathe, and yet, nothing.

I fall.

Stare upwards.



And ask myself.

Why am I here?

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010