domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Dark connotations

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I´m in bed, it´s 3 am.

I´m staring at the ceiling and then I realize, What am I doing here?
What is this? Why am I lying down?
Inert, motionless.

I stand up and leave my house. The streets are deserted.
Everything moves around me.
I get on a bus. Lights flash through the window. Time passes. I get off.

I´m somewhere, someplace. I look around. Everything seems bright but its night time and there are no lights nearby. I just see the buildings, somehow.

I walk around aimlessly. I see trees and leaves, no people.

Dark thoughts invade my mind. I try to control them. I do my best.
I see the wind. I don´t feel it grazing my skin, I don´t feel my hair moving.
I feel nothing. The wind is made up by lines that appear and disappear in space.

I´m suspended, encased by the limits of my own body.
I feel nothing. My throat closes up.
I´m struggling to breathe, and yet, nothing.

I fall.

Stare upwards.



And ask myself.

Why am I here?

3 comentarios:

Anya dijo...

Still life...

Buenísimo, Tom, me dejaste motionless a mí leyéndote...

text + music = perfect



Ushka dijo...

Me puedo sumar a la próxima drug-session así que tengas??
Llevo torta para el bajón!!!

Hogenheim dijo...

Siempre estará invitada Ushka.

Igualmente estaba completamente sobrio cuando escribí este texto, fue inspirado por "Waking Life".


Ahora, si el director se hizo toda una gran Drug-Session para filmar la pelicula, eso ya no es mi culpa.